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Looking for a new phone system for your company? well look no further. WeManagePhones.com  is ready to take your phones to another level. Our phone is easy to use and very user friendly, but don’t worry if you have questions our knowledgeable Techs are happy to help you and your staff make this the smoothest transition of your life. 

Mobile App


Computer App

Keep your personal
mobile number private

  • Message customers through business text, not personal apps.
  • Send text messages, links and more at no additional cost.
  • BYOD but text using a corporate number.
  • Simple to use. Save money on 3rd party services.

Send SMS from your
business number

  • Send and receive SMS / MMS from the web & smartphone apps.
  • Route incoming text messages directly to queues not individuals.
  • Send promotional texts with latest offers & deals.
  • One-way SMS with alphanumeric sender ID for notifications.

Call recording and
staff training

  • Record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes.
  • Train agents during a live call with Listen in and Whisper.
  • Use Barge in to take over when needed.
  • Ticket responses can be monitored centrally.